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Anonymous: i think you might have blogged on the wrong account??

THANK U LMAO.. I REALIZED…. I hope no one still takes my art blog seriously I am the most forgetful little shit olive

that knb photoset can stay for now tho cos it’s everything I love in this world



miracles week day six: crossover

drakengard 3 au in which Kuroko and the GoM are the only ones who possesses magical abilities and rule the land through basketball.

Kuroko is on a quest to hunt down each of the Miracles in order to fix what he started — the birth of the Miracles and to prevent the destruction of the world.

maddy and i also went on a date to the sweetest little cafe cries.. it was called cafe cherry and it had a little old man bartender and a cute lil waitress

i want to go again *____* ♥

lordearlgray: Hello! I just saw your Japan food pictures and I was wondering what the first picture of it was. I tried to Google image search with it and it didn't work. Thank you! c:

it’s honey toast! Very Yum ^q^

some of the food i’ve had so far..

here’s some photos from when we visited the meiji shrine in tokyo *__*

Anonymous: are you going to be taking any pictures there???maybe post a few???

oh.. SURE ANON…!!! i didn’t think anyone would be interested but i’d love to :o3 we’re going out to eat soon but i’ll post a couple of sets tonight UwU

Anonymous: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I send you imaginary hugs and chocolate and icecream and your favorite foods. You are amazing on this special day and you can art so well. Be happy you amazing awesome person.

U ARE CUTE… GOMEN FOR LATE REPLY CUTE ANON ;w; i had a gr8 birthday bless… thank u everyone for the messages *___* i replied 2 the rest all privately so i dont annoy everyone HUE

kisses all of u :* :3

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