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kudalyn: my dearest have you ever considered doing a tutorial on how you draw glowy things? I love how you color teeth and eyes like they're jewels, but I have no idea HOW you do it :O

yes!! i have a few asks on how to draw glowy stuff and i keep meaning to answer them but school has me super busy i’m sry ;___; TESTS TO STUDY FOR EVERY OTHER DAY SIGHS…..

but i will get to them no worries *___* i also did a lil process gif of a glowy eye here in the meantime!

i drew a lil mattin chibi waiting for class to start :^) ZOOMS

i drew a lil mattin chibi waiting for class to start :^) ZOOMS

paloma n mattin for the smoochy meme :^) thank u anon MUA

Anonymous: i randomly stumbled upon an artist called noisyghost and their last piece with the glowy blue teeth and severed neck reminds me a lot of yours :/ hmm maybe coincidence

mmmm it does seem kinda similar to mattin, butttt i’ll just leave it at a coicidence -w- glowing ppl is still a little common huhuhuu and it seems like they’ve had that chara a while!

thankyou for telling me tho :3~ much appreciated MUA


Hey everyone! \(^o^)/ After months of work, preorders for 希望: A Komaeda Nagito Fanbook are officially OPEN!!!!!

$25 | 60 pages | Perfect Binding | 8.5” x 11” | Full Colour

Organizers: ash, ciil, kuropin

Featuring works by 46 talented artists!

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(Full artist line-up + mini previews can be found here!)

Pre-order bonuses: Every pre-order will come with a mini print and paper doll! First 30 or 40 pre-orders will come with plastic charm (limited quantity, first come first-serve)!

Pre-orders will be open until November 20th. You can get your copy over at storenvy here!«<

Thank you so much for your support! 

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pleeping person-horses

pleeping person-horses

bonerer replied to your photoset:palomiessss
"palomies" is the finnish word for "fire fighter", literally "fireman" hehe

THAT IS CUTE.. tiny firefighter paloma. good.


Anonymous: was it hard when you first started using a tablet? I wanna get one but idk...

haha JEEZ it was pretty weird but?? i found it sooo much easier than traditional (OOPS) art, myself *n* i sketch so messily and loosely, it’s rly nice to be able to just move stuff around when i figure out i made a mistake.

but then again when i first got it i couldn’t figure out how to use pen pressure… for 3 years….. sO I DIDNT USE IT…. (until maddy visited and made it work for me lmfao..) then when i did get pen pressure i hated the whole?? mapping thing & how different it was than just using the pen as a regular mouse? (i still do)

so i got a bamboo tablet that lets me use the pen as a mouse AND lets me have pen pressure :3~ thats my story,

ANYWAYS no it wasn’t hard, if youre smarter than me and can figure out pen pressure! using a tablet is GR8. i defs recommend it :3

Anonymous: Please don't ever stop drawing! You are so talented it inspires me to keep trying even though it may look ugly. I love youuu



UR SO CUTE ANON.. THANK U ;____; never stop trying, I WILL ALWAYS LUV U…..

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