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there is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin

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false zero fanart and a tentative redesign of desidiero maybe

aaughhh my presentation will be over after the 20th then im f r e e





Anonymous: have you done joinme before? I would LOVE to see that!!

ahh I haven’t ;w; I think my internet would be way too shitty to be able to support streaming or anything like that SIGHS…. (I’ve been extra inactive bc my net went down again so. there u go. laughs…)


here’s a lil tsero doodle just for the sake of updating hhweh…. my classes this semester are completelyyyy sucking up my energy gomen ; o ;

#tsero  #t a  #ocs  #art  
takospace: how do you come up with names for your OCs? I really like how they're all kind of uncommon.

ummm different ways! i like to keep a document full of names i like that i might use later for stories/AUs/new ocs etc. a lot of times i just search thru baby name sites?

more recently i just started picking names from my school notes tho, lolll (bricemar’s came from an aesop fable iirc? just one example) and sometimes we just end up mashing two names together to make one (eg. samairhan)

just keep note of names u hear that u like and use em later!

kudalyn: my dearest have you ever considered doing a tutorial on how you draw glowy things? I love how you color teeth and eyes like they're jewels, but I have no idea HOW you do it :O

yes!! i have a few asks on how to draw glowy stuff and i keep meaning to answer them but school has me super busy i’m sry ;___; TESTS TO STUDY FOR EVERY OTHER DAY SIGHS…..

but i will get to them no worries *___* i also did a lil process gif of a glowy eye here in the meantime!

i drew a lil mattin chibi waiting for class to start :^) ZOOMS

i drew a lil mattin chibi waiting for class to start :^) ZOOMS

paloma n mattin for the smoochy meme :^) thank u anon MUA

Anonymous: i randomly stumbled upon an artist called noisyghost and their last piece with the glowy blue teeth and severed neck reminds me a lot of yours :/ hmm maybe coincidence

mmmm it does seem kinda similar to mattin, butttt i’ll just leave it at a coicidence -w- glowing ppl is still a little common huhuhuu and it seems like they’ve had that chara a while!

thankyou for telling me tho :3~ much appreciated MUA


Hey everyone! \(^o^)/ After months of work, preorders for 希望: A Komaeda Nagito Fanbook are officially OPEN!!!!!

$25 | 60 pages | Perfect Binding | 8.5” x 11” | Full Colour

Organizers: ash, ciil, kuropin

Featuring works by 46 talented artists!

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(Full artist line-up + mini previews can be found here!)

Pre-order bonuses: Every pre-order will come with a mini print and paper doll! First 30 or 40 pre-orders will come with plastic charm (limited quantity, first come first-serve)!

Pre-orders will be open until November 20th. You can get your copy over at storenvy here!«<

Thank you so much for your support! 

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