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larkles: shoves u over

a pic of u^^^^^

Anonymous: I need to see more of Belen omg she's such a babe she's so frikin perfect whY ARE YOUR CHARACTERS SO GREAT,,,., you and Maddy are literally my biggest inspirations rn

LUCKY FOR U I LOVE DRAWING BELEN…!!! she’s cute and angry. she shares a shop in the city w/ inaki and sells antiques and oddities :3c she’s a v rare monster to see around and she is very distantly related to desidiero UwU


Anonymous: when you say the three busts of mattin were tagged as other people's ocs do you mean like 'yo isn't this blank's oc' or on a roleplaying blog where it's tagged as something that relates to the character? it's a pretty common thing on rp blog to tag things like 'visage' and 'mirror' when it reminds the writer of their character - even if it's just the facial expressions. just a little whatever in case you thought they were trying to claim him as theirs.

mostly the roleplaying type of blogs! i know it seems really nitpicky of me but i cant help but be a bit annoyed when someone reblogs the art of my oc i did and claim smth like.. ‘all i can see is my oc HELP’ ‘i’m using this for my oc’ etc. it just feels like the fact that this is!! already my oc isn’t being appreciated or recognized.. i realize its kinda out of my power tho.

but that’s not NEARLY as bothersome as:

YA’LL GOTTA BE PULLIN THESE TAGS OUTTA YOUR ASS NOW.. i haven’t even seen rotg or played portal. stop that. these peeve me off bc then ANY semblance of originality is gone..!! like. i know there isn’t a lack of fanart for these things. there’s no reason to try and make mine smth it’s not!

Anonymous: your askies always light up my dash!!(ノ´∀`*)ノ if it's not too much trouble, could i ask for a deerboy smooch too? he's such a sweetheart and so are you! (haha, lame poems 4 u)


lame poems are the key 2 my heart

What about toe formations? I know birds most commonly only ever have two, three or four toes on each foot, maybe false harpies have five and grip more like monkey feet than how birds grip with their toes? IDK if this matches your character designs…
omg cute…. i didn’t consider this before :3 so u are maybe suggesting smth like this?


Anonymous: What is the difference between harpies and false harpies?

harpies, or true harpies for distinction, are i guess what came first, u could say?? true harpies are born from eggs, lack bellybuttons and nipples, have their wings and arms as one appendage, have necks that can extend, have cloacas, and are generally a small, lightweight species. they’ve generally bred with their own kind and stayed the same over time!

false harpies, or cockatrices as they recently have come to prefer 2 be called, are true harpies that bred w/ humans ages ago and evolved to what they are now :3 false harpies are biiiig in stature, a little larger than most humans. their wings and arms are separate appendages, they’re live-birthed, have nips n bellybuttons n etc etc. their junk is closer to humans than it would be to a cloaca, and they don’t have the stretchy bird necks.

ofc there are heated relations between the two species over which is superior, and both have generally come to disregard humans overall. so soren and paloma rly dislike each other ;3c

i thiiiink that’s most of the differences between them that are settled so far? of course if anyone wants to add anything to help with that any i’m all ears to suggestions as well uwu

bashfellie: everytime you put up new art i swear i can here that "aawwWwww" chorus in the background lol. i love all the colors you use and!!! everything always comes out so sweet i. hAVE A CHARMING DAY [quails from world sighs nervously into hands blushing im so new to this forgive me im]

THANK U QT…. ;;//w//(\ u may be new at this but u are already a pro at MAKIN ME BLUSH…… ♥

Anonymous: Omg your characters are so great!!!! But I've always been curious as to how you name them? Iiiiii your art is gorgeous!

weeehhh thank you!! ;;w;; names are a super hard part of making an oc for me omg. but there are different ways i go about naming them- sometimes i just save names i like and keep it tucked away for later!

for origin.cortex maddy and i just picked names from a list of italian ones, so that was easy- for somniloquy we leaned toward spanish names a bit??

for goetica, for some ocs, we ended up picking names from two different languages, narrowed them down to two names we like, and mashed them together for each character. so that was fun :3c

finchlings: so are your harpies hatched from eggs, then? since paloma doesn't have a bellybutton... but what about false harpies like soren, then? omg he's so much bigger than paloma can u imagine giant soren egg

paloma would have been, yes! he is Very Bird. false harpies like soren would have been live births tho, i think?? false harpy eggs would be RIDIC. especially considering soren is actually pretty short for his species :’3


i made an FAQ for some of the more common questions i get + other junk if anyone cares :0~~

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